About Us

We love to solve problems

Musculoskeletal Solutions is a unique physiotherapy service based in Auckland.  Our advice is open and honest, our solutions robust, evidence based, and often life changing.

We believe every client is unique and their journey to find a solution should be individualized, educational and authentic. Our personal attention, combined with our innovative and advanced techniques, translate into a better result for you. 



Amanda Baker - Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner

Amanda Baker has been a practising physiotherapist for 16 years. She trained at University of Otago, began her work in Wellington, then traveled and worked in the UK, and finally Sydney where she studied the Ridgway Method. Amanda now resides in Auckland with her husband and two children.  

“I thrive the most by living my core values in my work and by helping people who feel the same.
My motivation to achieve long lasting results for clients comes by living my honesty and openness with individualized attention, thoroughness and out-of-the-box thinking.  This is the way I get to enjoy problem solving even the most complex conditions, with great satisfaction.  

I enjoy healthy living by creating time for exercise, good diet and quality family time. I work hard to be the best role model I can be for my young family.  Not only does this motivate me, but it also enables me to give each client my full attention every session.  
I also understand what it feels like to be ‘broken’ or just not functioning physically at my best.  I have personally experienced the frustrations when a condition does not improve as you would expect.  This is why I now specialized in a treatment process that takes the guess work out of solving musculoskeletal conditions so that I can be confident that I find the best intervention for each client."