Frequently Asked Questions

The Ridgway method is a systematic problem solving approach used to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. It uses highly advanced and forward thinking physiotherapy skills to assess and treat pain and injury in the quickest time frame possible. Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners use a check list. The purpose of the checklist is to ensure we do not miss anything important when solving your condition. 

At Musculoskeletal Solutions, all treatment is individualized and specific to solving your presenting condition. The techniques used are like or similar to all standard and manipulative therapy trained physiotherapists, except we also use advanced nerve releasing techniques and progressive manual therapy techniques. Additionally, we teach you how to best look after yourself with specific muscle training exercises tailored to your condition. 

Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners have studied multiple sports and musculoskeletal courses, been mentored over multiple months on the Ridgway Method and passed a live-client exam demonstrating their advanced knowledge and skills with this unique process.
You will appreciate the dramatic difference when experiencing this style of physiotherapy by each Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners.  Amanda Baker is the only RMCP in Auckland/NZ.

The analogy we often use is the 'sore bit' is like the 'warning light' on the dash board of your car. Treating the 'sore bit' is often like putting a band aid over the dashboard light and doesn’t always work in the long run….it doesn’t address the reason the light was on in the first place. We aim to 'get under the hood' and demonstrate to you that by testing all the contributing factors we can find the main thing that improves your movement and your body function. The 'warning light' or 'sore bit' tends to switch off when the 'engine' is running well.

This is the structure (muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, nerve) in your body that, when treated, achieves dramatic results for you. When the underlying cause is identified your recovery is accelerated and a plan can be put in place to meet your good result. Over the first few sessions we will be searching for areas in your body which may be contributing to your problem. It is important to be thorough at this stage, as it saves a lot of time in the long run and makes for a more efficient recovery.

Nerves are often missed and undiagnosed as a contributing factor to an individual’s condition. Therefore, people can have recurring injuries or short term relief. The nerves are the most sensitive structures in the body, and if they are not moving well they can contribute to the ongoing nature of a condition. At Musculoskeletal Solutions, we assess everyone’s nerves and ensure they are moving well before moving on.

Looking after the Primary Contributing Factor (PCF) of your condition (see above) is the best way to speed your recovery and prevent the problem from returning. We may ask you to modify some activities for a short time. In some cases, we need to recommend a short period of no or very limited activity if your nerves are irritated. We utilise individualised muscle activation exercises to teach you how to take care of yourself. In most cases, we recommend you do as much activity as possible while doing your best to look after your PCF– we will show you how to do this correctly. We aim to demonstrate how exercise improves your movement and your condition. This will usually be your ‘homework’.

This concept is often a new one for a lot of clients especially if your pain has gone or is a lot less….

At 85% improvement, your condition is usually more stable and less aggravated by day-to-day activities. Therefore, this is the level of improvement we like to see as soon as possible. We may ask you to return to see us quite quickly for the first few sessions. When you have improved to 85%, it is usually ok to introduce more demanding activities and see us less often.

It is not uncommon to experience a few side effects and these are generally a sign of effective treatment

  • Local tenderness (bruised feeling) at the point that has been treated. All treatment should be tolerable and your therapist will always check with you so she can achieve a pressure you are comfortable with.
  • Occasionally clients have a short term (usually a couple of minutes) feeling of dizziness or nausea when a significant area in their body that has been tight for a long time is released. Again, your therapist will monitor if this happens and only work as strongly as you feel comfortable.
  • Some people report feeling a bit 'washed out' or tired following a session.

These are all normal and TEMPORARY responses when the true underlying cause of a condition is found and treated.
The other more important effect, is that your body will start to feel more comfortable and able to do things that you want it to.

Please wear clothes that you can move in.
Flexible tights/shorts and a loose top or singlet is recommended.
We do not recommend jeans or other tight clothing as this restricts our ability to assess you thoroughly

If you have any scans or results from previous scans, please bring these to your appointment. Also, it’s helpful if you provide any contact details for people that may be able to help you in your recovery, for example gym trainers.

It’s often possible to notice dramatic results in the first session. The problem-solving process that Musculoskeletal Solutions uses continues assessing until 30-50% improvement is made in each session. For most people, total recovery time is shorter. This means fewer total visits and lower overall cost. Once these results occur, we outline a time-frame for recovery, indicating how many treatment sessions you need, and how rapidly you are likely to recover fully. Typically, we are able to give you a very good indication after 90-120mins whether physiotherapy is going to be helpful for your condition.

You can make an appointment online. This will be confirmed as soon as possible or alternatively you can call 022 453 1630. If your call can not be answered, please leave a message and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have had an accident and ACC accept your claim then they will contribute the cost of your treatment based on the guidelines provided by ACC. Please see the link to the ACC website to see whether you can partially claim your treatment on ACC.

It is advised that you check with your Insurance Provider to see if Physiotherapy is a service that is covered on your policy and what % or value they cover.

MSK Solutions has a 6-hour cancellation policy (otherwise full fees apply). If you are unable to make your appointment please phone, text or email and we will reschedule.

If you are running late, please text or call if you can so we know you’re okay and on your way.

You will walk away with knowledge about your condition and a clear plan of action. We will follow up with an email to you and the people important to you, whether it be your coach, partner, housemate or someone else, to ensure that everyone that can support you can be on the same page for your speediest recovery possible.

We have EFTPOS and Credit Card facilities at Hobsonville and Forrest Hill.  Credit Cards insure a 3% charge. We also offer payment plans where required. We believe that limited finances shouldn’t prevent you from receiving the optimal treatment and care that you deserve.


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