Solving Pain and Injury

We use the RM System to find a solution to your pain and injury. This scientific approach allows us to use physiotherapy testing and techniques to assess your whole body (nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons) to find any dysfunctions (restriction in movement or protective muscle guarding). We then trial and test all these dysfunctions in real time. The results we get from testing helps us prove what will help your condition the most. This is what lets us choose the best treatment for your condition.

Injury Prevention

We find out what parts of your body are not moving well, what muscles are tight/weak, then we use this information to help you prevent pain and injury. By discovering the reason for your injury and why you have pain, we can provide additional information that can be helpful when making decisions about injury prevention.

Postural Optimisation

At MSK Solutions we understand the importance of remaining pain and injury free once you have had a good recovery.  We also understand that this is often difficult when you do not know the underlying cause of the pain in the first place. That is why we make it our priority to solve this for you, and then teach you how to look after the area that led to you pain and injury in the first place. Postural Optimisation simply means making sure you can maintain correct positions that take the load off previously strained or injured structures, so that you can remain pain free.

Performance Enhancement

Whether you are an elite athlete or just wanting to do a faster time in a local fun run MSK Solutions can help. We do a thorough assessment of your musculoskeletal health and test to find out if you can gain more flexibility, range of movement and strength. By ensuring your nerves, muscles and joints are moving freely you can continue to train and compete at your best.