How We Can Help

At MSK Solutions we want to provide you with sustainable long-term solutions to your pain and injuries. We want to help you to the best of our ability. By using an advanced approach, the Ridgway Method (RM), and our extensive and up to date understanding of physiotherapy solutions, we leave no stone unturned, then connect the dots, to give you the long term results you need. Our goal is to help you to achieve your ‘good result’. All Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners (RMCPs) use a checklist when assessing and treating clients, to ensure we do not miss anything, and to ensure client understanding and satisfaction. This checklist is also a way of holding us accountable. At first, the use of this checklist may seem to slow down the process – however, you will find being fully informed of every step you need to take will save you time overall. Amanda Baker is happy to contact you and even prefers to have a 10min phone consultation prior to booking in to ensure that going through the Ridgway Method Process is what you really want.



Whole Body Assessment

What do we mean by 'Whole Body?'

  • We assess nerve gliding, joint mobility, muscle knots, muscle lengths, muscle recruitment, muscle weakness, patterns of movement, range of movement, functional tests, plus thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • We search every region of the body, including hands, feet, jaw and everything region in between
  • These are assessed objectively as possible… to the reflex onset of ‘reactive 1’ (R1) (this is measure by muscle spasm, altered movement pattern and can often be felt by the client)


We will test all possible contributing factors within our skill set, so that we have the greatest chance of finding the most significant cause to a condition.  We don't limit ourselves by assuming it is best to only test the areas of pain, or stiffness, and nearby body parts. We know that searching everywhere in the body and finding all dysfunctions, gives us a much better chance of truly solving each condition, and giving you the quickest and long-lasting results possible.

You and your MSK Solutions physio will gain great insight of ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy’ structures in the body.  With this information, we will provide you with an overview of your current musculoskeletal health.  We will have the information necessary to start solving your condition in the most effective way we can.

We will test the ‘unhappy’ structures and movements to find out what structure makes the biggest change to your condition. By using a scientific approach, we will trial, test and prove what helps your condition the most. By testing everything that we assessed as being ‘unhappy’ we can then establish the best intervention for your condition.

In most sports and musculoskeletal conditions, this process leads to a rapid and full recovery. During this initial phase, you can trust you will get a rapid fix, or a ‘Plan B’ is recommended.

In a small percentage of conditions, this process quickly identifies that a referral to a different management field is most appropriate, i.e. we will help you find ‘Plan B’, the right path (whether that be imaging, acupuncture, medical etc.) This is because we want to see you improve and we don’t continue treating without results.



Treatment then focuses on the underlying cause to reduce its impact on the rest of your body.

As part of the Ridgway Method process we chart your progress including how long and how many sessions will be required to achieve pain free, full function. Below is an example recovery graph.

RM Musculoskeletal Recovery Model | RM Progress Graph


Note: Individual results vary

For optimal results and for saving time and total costs prevention of recurrence is the key.  What this means is that to get the fastest results it is best to have multiple sessions close together to improve your function significantly enough that it will not be easily aggravated.  Once you get to this point  increasingly less frequent sessions are needed after achieving the pain-free stage (X, Y & Z above) - RM Tune Ups

The very positive side-effect of this kind of treatment is that performance enhancement also occurs, as optimal muscle control to prevent recurrence is the same muscle control required for best performance!

Tune Up


Once we have achieved your ‘good result’, and we have proven you can look after it well e.g. your strain is less than 10-15%, We then move onto the ‘tune up’ phase.  This is where your MSK Solutions Physiotherapist checks in on you at extended intervals (up to 3 months).

There are three main reasons for these sessions:

  1. To test and confirm your good self-management
  2. Progress your skills for achieving better performance
  3. To treat any re-accumulation of strain that may have occurred in between sessions because of the demands we put on our body.

To speak to Amanda Baker (Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner) or book an appointment, please call: 022 453 1630 or book online

What happens if I require a Plan B?

The assessment process focuses on achieving large dramatic improvements within 120-180mins.  If you are not progressing as we would expect then we will discuss other possible options with you.  This may involve getting some other investigations, blood tests from you GP, or even trying a different type of treatment such as acupuncture, and then measuring if this has helped your condition.  A Plan B could also involve taking a more traditional physiotherapy approach based on the findings of our assessment.  If you have any questions, please contact us.