The MSK Solutions Difference

At MSK Solutions, we want to help you have sustainable long-term solutions to your pain and injuries:

We want to help you to the best of our ability and we trust we can get you the best results with our most recent understanding of solutions…that is leaving no stone unturned in order to connect the dots for long term results for clients. We get to this solution by using the Ridgway Method (RM) – a reliable systematic approach to solve pain and injury.

Finding the underlying cause of your pain/injur

At MSK Solutions we ask clients to expect something very different.  We want to achieve very different results and in order to do that we need a very different approach.

Our goal is to help you to achieve your ‘good result’.   All Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners (RMCPs) use a checklist when assessing and treating clients to ensure we do not miss anything and to ensure client understanding and satisfaction. 


We test all possible contributing factors within our skill set so that we have the greatest chance of finding the most significant cause to a condition.  We don't limit ourselves by assuming it is best to only test the areas of pain, or stiffness, and nearby  body parts. We know that searching everywhere, within our skill set, in the body and finding all the dysfunctions gives us the much better chance of truly solving each condition for the most rapid, and long-lasting results possible.

This approach is based on the latest neuroscience about pain.  Please read Why do I have Pain?

The assessment includes testing your:

  • nerves
  • muscles (including tendons)
  • joints (ligaments, discs, bones, cartilage) and
  • movements.

The client and practitioner are able to gain great insight of ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy’ structures in the body.  This alone is very empowering for clients as with this information we  are able to provide an over view of your musculoskeletal health at this point in time.  The client and practitioner have all the information necessary to start solving the condition in the most effective way we can.

In the vast majority of sports and musculoskeletal conditions, this process leads to a rapid and full recovery. During this initial phase (60-120mins), you can trust that you are either going to get rapidly fixed, or a ‘Plan B’ is required.

In a small percentage of conditions, this process quickly identifies that a referral for a different management of the condition is most appropriate, i.e. ‘Plan B’ where we help you find the right path (whether that be imaging, acupuncture, medical etc.) – this is because we want to see you improving and we don’t continue treating without results.

Treatment then focuses on the underlying cause to reduce its impact on the rest of your body.

We chart your progress including how long and how many sessions will be required to achieve pain free, full function. Below is an example recovery graph.

Importantly – this involves teaching you how to look after your condition to minimise recurrence.

Once we have achieved your ‘good result’ and we have proven you can look after it well and that you are happy.   We then move onto the ‘tune up’ phase.  This is where your MSK Solutions Physiotherapist checks in on you at extended intervals (up to 3 months).

There are three main reasons for these sessions:

  1. To test and confirm your good self-management
  2. Progress your skills for achieving better performance
  3. To treat any re-accumulation of strain that may have occurred in between sessions as a result of the demands we put on our body.

To speak to an MSK Solutions physiotherapist or book an appointment, please call: 022 453 1630 or book online